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Pre-Owned SuperHandy Portable Electric Log Splitter - 120V Corded, 14-Ton Hydraulic System, Max 14" Log Diameter

Pre-Owned SuperHandy Portable Electric Log Splitter - 120V Corded, 14-Ton Hydraulic System, Max 14" Log Diameter


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No need to compromise on performance! With our 14 Ton Electric Log Splitter, split logs with just as much force as a gas-powered log splitter! Powered with a very capable electric motor and a standard hydraulic ram system, easily split logs as large as 20" Inches in Length and 14" in Diameter. 


The heart of our hydraulic system is a 2-Stage Bucher Gear Pump. Bucher has been innovating in hydraulics since its inception in 1923! We have entrusted them to provide us with their pumps, to give you the reliable experience you deserve. Coupled with our Rapid Auto return hydraulic ram, split logs as fast as you can load them! 


As with all our electric products, this log splitter is fully electric and produces no emissions! Rated at 15A, 1800W, & producing 2.5 eHP is our reliable electric motor. No need for special 230V electrical systems, our log splitter comes with a standard 120V AC power cord. 


The included solid wheels and axle make moving the 126-pound log splitter an easy chore. No need to worry about risking a flat tire and dragging dead weight as our log splitter is equipped with solid rubber wheels. With the use of the included handle, simply tilt and pull to move the log splitter wherever you may need it. 


All our parts are made of high-quality and dense steel. 2-stage Powder coating to keep the components looking as new as when you first bought them. The coating prevents corrosion from rust and protects against minor dings and scratches. A precision gear pump and brushless induction motor with copper windings allow for this Log Splitter to produce constant splitting force, providing a smooth linear power curve to help avoid clunky performance during operation.

As with all powered equipment, please operate safely as outlined in the operator's manual. Requires Hydraulic Oil to be filled prior to use! NOT INCLUDED.



Package Dimensions

36 x 26 x 12 (L x W x H Inches)

What's in the Box

Primary Beam w/ attached electric motor, Hydraulic Cylinder & Ram, Wheels & Axle, Stand & Handle, Hydraulic Hoses, Manual

Item Weight 

130 Lbs (Pounds)


120V AC


2.5 eHP, 15A, 1800W

Hydraulic Fluid

Standard Hydraulic Fluid, AW32 Recommended

Hydraulic Fluid Capacity

Approx 1.6 GAL (6L). Refer to Dipstick for precise measurements.


1 Year Manufacturers Warranty (From Date of Purchase)

Replacement Parts

Free of Charge within Warranty. Contact Support.

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