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Pre-Owned SuperHandy Light Duty Electric Wood Chipper - For Small Branches

Pre-Owned SuperHandy Light Duty Electric Wood Chipper - For Small Branches


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The SuperHandy Light Duty Electric Wood Chipper is equipped with a durable Polypropylene housing that is resistant to corrosion and dents, keeping the rotor assembly safe. This assembly includes two cutting blades for optimal chipping performance. The wood chipper is designed with an effortless instant start switch and an overload protection switch to ensure secure operation. Additionally, it comes with a 13.7-inch power cable and can be easily transported with its two 6-inch wheels. The machine operates on a 15-amp, 1800-watt, 120VAC, 60Hz electric belt driven motor, capable of chipping branches up to 1.57 inches (39mm) in diameter. It has an impressive 17:1 reduction speed of 4,100RPMs and is environmentally friendly with no smog emissions, making it a quieter option. The included dual edge blades are reversible for added convenience. This wood chipper meets various safety standards, such as OSHA

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Pre-Owned Promise

What is Pre-Owned?

The term 'Pre-Owned' refers to an item that's been inspected and repaired. Items are all tested and guaranteed to be in working condition. Some cosmetic signs of use may be present such as minor scratches, scuffs, light soil, etc

Why Second Hand?

We often hear about Refurbished or Pre-Owned products about electronics and information technology items. Some consumers still show skepticism towards these products, erroneously considered unreliable. However, refurbished items are good not only for the wallet of those who buy them but also for the planet.

Green Environment

Not only does buying used to reduce the number of natural resources being used, it also reduces the amount of energy used and pollution being emitted. Things like pesticides, burning fuel in the trucks that haul the items, toxic chemicals, and carbon emissions.

Green Environment

Let's try removing massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, Shopping secondhand offers consumers an easy way to significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

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