Our Guarantee

Tested and guaranteed to work. Backed by a 6 Month Warranty and Free Returns.

What You're Getting

Experience peace of mind by choosing our rigorously tested Pre-Owned Items, a sustainable and budget-friendly option. Each item is thoroughly examined and expertly cleaned to provide you with the quality you deserve.

Like-New Quality

There is a chance that the packaging could be damaged or not have any brand labeling. It is possible that certain spare parts or the instruction manual are missing. The product might exhibit signs of wear from consistent usage, but overall it is in good condition and operates properly.

Our Commitment Stands

All products come with a 6 Month Warranty for Replacement or Parts. Products must be purchased via gcmoutlet.com or approved 3rd party distributors. Please contact our support team for more details.

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More Ways to Save

What is Pre-Owned?

"An item that has been inspected, repaired, tested, and proved to be in good working condition." All our 'Pre-Owned' items are backed by a 6 Month Warranty. There may be some signs of use such as; minor scratches, scuffs, light soil, etc.

Why Second Hand?

Our 'Pre-Owned' items are good not only for the wallet of those who buy them but also for the planet.

Green Environment

Not only does buying Pre-Owned reduce the number of natural resources being used it also reduces the amount of energy used and pollution being emitted. Things like pesticides, burning fuel in the trucks that haul the items, toxic chemicals, and carbon emissions.

Carbon Removal

Shopping secondhand offers you the ability to significantly reduce the environmental footprint!