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SuperHandy Mini Garden Tiller & Cultivator 3HP Gas-Powered (Pre-Owned)

SuperHandy Mini Garden Tiller & Cultivator 3HP Gas-Powered (Pre-Owned)

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This mini outdoor power equipment packs quite a punch! Our SuperHandy Mini Garden Tiller & Cultivator is the perfect machine to turn your barren wasteland into a flourished garden! Our tiller is great at Digging, Soil Cultivation, Aeration, Creating Loose Seedbeds & Dirt/Weed Removal.


Tillers are designed to break up tight soil, kick out rocks, and transform soil in preparation for planting. Our tiller has the convenience of being able to both Till and Cultivate the soil. Meaning it will break up tight soil, remove rocks, and then cultivate the soil by creating aeration, making it as easy as possible to start your garden. 


This Tiller has a powerful 3HP 52cc 2-Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine. Recoil starter & centrifugal friction clutch provides excellent power-to-weight ratio performance, where it counts. Recommended Fuel for this tiller is a 30:1 Gas & Oil mixture. Recommend 90-93 Octane Gas with less than 10% Ethanol; Oil standard JASO M345/JASO-FC/FD for 2-Stroke engines. Or use a 50:1 pre-mix/pre-blend fuel. The Max Fuel tank capacity is 0.26 Gallons (1 Liter).


This compact design includes (4) Solid Steel Forward Rotating Tines that are Replaceable & Adjustable. A Tilling Scope Width of 11.8in (300mm) & a Tilling Depth of 3.9 into 5.9in (100-150mm ), allows for fast & efficient work to be accomplished. 

Always operate according to directions outlined in the user manual, and always wear the appropriate hand and eye protection.


Package Dimensions

31 x 16 x 12 (L x W x H Inches)

What's In the Box

Tiller, Assembly Hardware, Manual

Item Weight

35 Lbs (Pounds)


2-Stroke 3HP Gasoline Engine

Tank Capacity

0.26 GAL / 1L

Gas + Oil Mixture

30:1 Gas + Oil OR 50:1 Pre-Mix/Blend

Recommended Fuel

90+ Octane, No ethanol preferred but not required.


1 Year Manufacturers Warranty (From Date of Purchase) 

Replacement Parts

Free of Charge Within Warranty Period. Contact Support

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