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Landworks Heavy Duty Electric Shredder & Mulcher - For Leaves, Wood, & Debris (Pre-Owned)

Landworks Heavy Duty Electric Shredder & Mulcher - For Leaves, Wood, & Debris (Pre-Owned)

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Our Landworks Leaf Shredder & Mulcher is a great choice for Renewable Recycling & Waste Management. Save money and create your own mulch! Our durable Steel housing is supported by a firm & sturdy powder-coated steel frame, protects the motor housing from any potential damages. 


Our leaf shredder & mulcher is built from high quality steel. Powder Coated paint to keep your machine looking as new as when you first bought it. Equipped with 3 - 11" blades to easily shred through your yard waste. 


This machine is all electric and produces no emissions! Powered by a 120V AC Corded Electric motor. Rated at 15A (Amps) and produces 1800W (watts).


This mulcher is supported by steel legs and includes wheels so it goes where you need it! Pair this with one of our Popular Extension Cord Reels and extend your range with the convenience of the retractable cord. 


Built with you in mind, our shredder comes standard with a built-in overload protector which will immediately turn off the machine in the event the circuit is overloaded to protect you and your houses' electrical system from harm. 


Always operate according to directions outlined in the user manual, and always wear the appropriate hand and eye protection.

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Pre-Owned Promise

What is Pre-Owned?

The term 'Pre-Owned' refers to an item that's been inspected and repaired. Items are all tested and guaranteed to be in working condition. Some cosmetic signs of use may be present such as minor scratches, scuffs, light soil, etc

Why Second Hand?

We often hear about Refurbished or Pre-Owned products about electronics and information technology items. Some consumers still show skepticism towards these products, erroneously considered unreliable. However, refurbished items are good not only for the wallet of those who buy them but also for the planet.

Green Environment

Not only does buying used to reduce the number of natural resources being used, it also reduces the amount of energy used and pollution being emitted. Things like pesticides, burning fuel in the trucks that haul the items, toxic chemicals, and carbon emissions.

Green Environment

Let's try removing massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, Shopping secondhand offers consumers an easy way to significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

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