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ApolloSmart Electric Hedge Trimmer - 120V Corded, 20" Dual-Blades (New)

ApolloSmart Electric Hedge Trimmer - 120V Corded, 20" Dual-Blades (New)

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  •  HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPECS - Our 20" (inch) double-hardened dual-action steel blade can cut thick branches of 5/8" (inch) in diameter, to provide a better working experience; The powerful motor has a no-load speed as high as 1750rpm, which greatly improves overall work efficiency

  • BUILT TO LAST - The included blade guard prevents debris kickback from going in the direction of the user and the protective shell prevents and aids the blade from rust and wear, all together providing a safer and clean operation

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - (Green and Safe), unlike gasoline-powered devices, electric-powered units produce no smog/fumes/emissions and are both gas and exhaust-free; This all-electric Hedge Trimmer preserves your hearing when compared to gas-powered units

  • SAFETY - Always operate the Hedge Trimmer with eye and hand protection. This Hedge Trimmer is electric-powered and does not require fuel to operate; Included is a cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging

  • BEST APPLICATIONS - Outdoor use for gardening, lawn care, green waste management, and landscaping.

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