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AlphaWorks Digital Oil Gun - 10GPM, 1/2" NPT Inlet, Flexible Nozzle & Non-Locking Trigger (Pre-Owned)

AlphaWorks Digital Oil Gun - 10GPM, 1/2" NPT Inlet, Flexible Nozzle & Non-Locking Trigger (Pre-Owned)

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This AlphaWorks Commercial capable Preset Digital Oil Control Valve is designed for all DIY or Professional applications. Capable of delivering fast flows & precision measuring in various calibrations. Built to meet & exceed industrial grade quality standards & provide dependable performance. Manufactured to OSHA & ISO Regulations, making this a solid choice for the everyday Hard Working American!

  • Max Flow rate of 10GPM / 35LPM, at a precision of 0.5%
  • Handling Viscosity of 8-5000mPas,
  • Max Pressure Range of 7Mpa 0.5-50BAR / 7-1000PSI
  • Inlet Connection of 1/2" NPT Female connecting to industry-standard oil hose reels
  • Battery-powered w/ 1x Alkaline Cell 9v Battery
  • 3.3 lbs, including the Digital Preset LCD Meter & Flexible Spout
  • 4-digit easy to read screen
  • Low battery indicator to avoid sudden shut-off
  • Measure/dispense in various calibrations of Liters, Gallons, Pints & Quarts
  • Made of aluminum frame+exterior
  • Ergonomic oil & waterproof polypropylene shell & shockproof rubber
  • Only suitable for: SAE motor oils, synthetic hydraulic oil, gear oil & transmission fluids
  • MAX working temperature of -10 C/ 14 F to 60 C/ 140 F
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